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Social Share Generator

The MWD Social Share Generator is a free tool to create social sharing links to include in emails and on web pages. You can use it to create social sharing links for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and in emails.

When you use the Social Share Generator, you'll just need to enter information about the page you want to promote, and the Generator will create code that you can cut and paste and use where you need it.

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Statistical Calculator

The MWD Statistical Calculator is a free tool to test the statistical significance in response rate between two test panels when conducting a test for your direct response campaign such as direct mail or email.

Statistical significance measures the likelihood that the results of a test are real and repeatable, and not just due to chance. If your confidence level is 92%, that means, according to probability theory, there's a 92% chance that you'd see similar results in a repeat of the test.

This test of statistical significance is only a formula. In order to use it correctly, you need to have a hypothesis of why you believe the response rates should be different. If the calculator shows a significant difference, the test supports your hypothesis. But if not, it's time to go back to the drawing board.

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Sample Size Calculator

The Sample Size Calculator is used to figure out how big your test segments need to be.

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The MWD blog is your place to stay informed about the latest strategy, best practices, and case studies related to direct response fundraising, advocacy, and digital marketing.

Check back each week for new articles by staff writers and special guest authors on topics such as multi-channel fundraising, online fundraising, social media presence, direct mail, year-end fundraising, email acquisition, legacy giving, sustainer giving, and much more.

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